Blade changes take only a few seconds

The efficient deburrer from LUTZ BLADES combines all the features that a knife needs in everyday use.
The unique combination of smart mechanisms in the handle and LUTZ BLADES'
branded blades makes it possible to change blades within seconds
for your benefit, to boost productivity.

  • Blade changes in seconds: the smart mechanisms in the handle allow for quick and easy blade changes.
  • Turn the knife with one hand: the slim handle makes it easy to turn the knife with one hand to follow contours easily and accurately.
  • Your tool for long-term use: this premium quality knife is more than just a disposable tool.
  • An ergonomically designed knife: thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the knife lies snug in the hand and is avoids strain on the wrist.
  • Active safety: when the knife is not in use, the blade can be retracted into the knife body.


Ref.Length (mm)Width (mm)Thickn. (mm)Grinding angle

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